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Model wearing garbage sculpture headpiece made of discarded cigarette butts


All and nothing. Right and wrong. It, not it. Our ego traps us in mind bending contradictions, hiding the beauty in everything. We’ve been conditioned to believe what’s a yes and what’s a no, to properly respond to the expectations of a collective system that thrives on profits and exploitation. If we get curious enough, we discover that everything we know to be true is only a perspective, and is it really our own? At a time when we get to pause and take a breath, we must wonder which parts of our lives we actually choose, and which parts have us locked into blinded action. We’ve been following rules of the book on being without ever questioning it. Now’s the time to brainstorm who we want to become.

We’ve created this first issue with over forty collaborators from around the world. Writers, artists, photographers and activists came together to deliver the message we all need to hear.

The first issue is 144 pages, with a Perfect Bound, printed in Canada on offset presses in high quality 100% recycled paper. All our packaging is compostable and we planted trees with print relief to offset the paper we used.

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