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Supporting our local fashion industry is an opportunity for designers to create unique pieces and bringing their vision to life. On top of that, because the clothes are produced locally, their carbon footprint is much less and the production more ethical.

Canadians often overlook local designers, choosing to shop for fashion that’s cheap and disposable instead. We’ve become addicted to showing our worth with new outfits, rather that with timeless pieces and personal flair. 

But enough is enough. We definitely need to look at the impact our clothes have on us and on our planet. Slow consumption is the new consumption and we must shop local & sustainable fashion.

Letting go of micro trends and the constant need to fit in is where it’s at. Buying quality pieces from our local designers supports our own culture and sense of aesthetic. Moreover, it contributes to reinventing the industry, designing more unique products, rather than so much of the same.

We shot this story in Toronto, lucky to find all this beautiful abandoned construction trash to play with. Instead of treating last season fashion like garbage we must get rid of, we brought it all out to play. These items from previous collections mixed with a few thrifted pieces will hopefully inspire you to shop local & sustainable fashion.

Designers featured

Birds of North America  

Birds of North America is a Canadian brand based in Toronto founded by Hayley Gibson. They’re known for their bold colourful prints loved by women of all sizes, risk takers or not. The clothes are designed in the Toronto studio and produced in Montreal. Shop online, at the Queen West location or at any of her stockists across the country.


Gabrielle La├»la Tittley is the artist and illustrator behind the brand name Pony. From T-Shirts to Iphone covers and prints, we can’t get enough of her humorous yet realistic creativity and approach to life. While some of the clothes are still made internationally, the silkscreen printing process is done in locally. Order online or visit the St-Hubert location in Montreal.


Photographer: Laura Crowell

Model:  Eugenia Anton  &  Emily Taylor 

Makeup:  Niamh Mc Cann

Stylist: Snowdon

Hair: MP Guillot 


Leotard by Birds, Leather jacket and boots are thrifted.

Shirt, hoodie and boxers by Pony, pants by Birds

Leotard and overalls by Birds

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